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Door and Window

Whether you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home or modernizing your home’s appearance; Castle Care will install your home windows or new door to manufacturer's specifications. Remember, door and window installations are key to the overall energy savings in your home renovation when installed properly.

"Doors and windows come in many shapes and finishes: Fiberglass, wood, steel or aluminum.  We handle any given type of entry doors and windows: storm doors, sliders front, back, second floor, basement windows, casements, picture windows, etc"


"We are going to professionally install quality products and materials that stand up to both weather and time".


Most of the installations are window and door replacements based on Castle Care Renovation driven business, however, we have undertaken a good number of new construction window installations. Most projects require framing and siding and moldings.

How about adding a new double French door between the living and dining rooms? or perhaps replacing the old narrow front door by a thirty-six inch exterior door capable for furniture and large items to go through. Did you check the new windows with Low E? At any rate, window replacement to new energy efficient window and doors will lower your energy bill and the state of Connecticut provides rebates and incentives you may want to consider.

 Browse some of our recently installed units below:

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Check one of our installation for a security door, a double french door installed over an existing sliding door:
Here you can watch the installation of three new windows in a kitchen nook remodeling:
Summing it up: door and window projects listed above are only a few undertaken.